Adamari and Alaya as special guests aboard the Disney Wish

Bahamas. Television anchor Adamari Lopez And your daughter Alaia He took advantage of the start of summer vacation to embark on a new journey disneywish, Today he paid a special visit to Castaway Cay, Disney’s exclusive island in the Bahamas.

“Every time Alaya gets a break from school, I try to catch a few days. Every time I get a chance to go out and travel with her, I really enjoy it,” said the host of TV show Hoy. Tia (Telemundo) boat on the beach with several Puerto Rican media in a yard.

I have four weeks – vacations – in the year that I have to split, but every time I get a chance to go out, travel and share with her, I really enjoy it.

Adamari Lopez is an actress and television host

“She behaves well, she is a very nice girl, so she is also divine to travel and I try to please her in the activities that she likes,” said the actress, while Alayah posed for a photo with the “Pluto” character.

Backpacking through Europe

After this journey of the Wish ship, which ends on Saturday, Atamari is excited to say that she will be packing her bags again on Sunday to continue her vacation with the seven-year-old girl, this time in Europe.

“Happy to be with Aaliyah. Now we’re on this trip, we’re stopping in the Bahamas, but next Sunday we’re leaving for Europe. We’re going to get to know a few cities, and then we’re going to go on another trip to get to know a little more of the Mediterranean,” the host replied.

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