District and merchants agree not to charge for use of public space

After carrying out a work table between the District and Fenalco, representing commerce, An agreement was reached not to apply the economic remuneration for the use of public space during 2021.

Taking into account the viability of this charge, it will be studied in the month of December, and will take into account, among other things, the restrictions due to the pandemic and the economic recovery of the gastronomic sector.

The merchants, for their part, undertook to respect urban planning minimums in the areas that are currently operating, that guarantee the free movement of pedestrians and remove the elements that obstruct, in some sectors, platforms and tracks.

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At the meeting, three agreements were reached that allow ensure the revitalization of the space public sector and the reactivation of the gastronomic sector, among them the following stand out:

1. Not to apply during 2021 the economic remuneration model contemplated within the decree.

2. In December a diagnosis will be made about restaurant activity and Food Trucks, to show progress in economic recovery, as well as the state of sanitary restrictions in the city. Gradual and progressive charging will begin once these restrictions are lowered.

3. With the promulgation of the decree, merchants undertake to respect urban minimums in the areas that are currently operating, so that free circulation is guaranteed and some elements used to close the slopes and roads are removed.

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In that order of ideas, the collections would begin to be made from next year, being analyzed from December of this year; the money obtained will be invested in lighting, security and tactical planning. One of the measures under study is for the productive sector to invest in the space they use themselves and to have a program that links the street performers or informal vendors.

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