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One of the most anticipated HBO Max premieres in Latin America, at least for fans of the series, is “Flight Assistant”. The novel, starring Kale Cuco, has been nominated in the Golden Globes 2021 Best Series and Best Actress categories. It is already found legal in this part of the world. Here, Kyuko plays an air hostess who wakes up the next day to a dead man and her performance can’t be better.

After 12 years as Penny in “The Big Bang Theory”, Kale Kyuko separates from the role of an employee who dreamed of becoming an actress and becomes an flight attendant with severe alcohol problems in “The Flight Attendant”. This new fiction is based on Chris Bozalian’s novel Homonymus and is a mixture of suspense and black comedy.

In “The Flight Attendant”, Kyo Cossie Botan meets Alexander (Michael Huisman), a flight attendant during a flight to Bangkok, with whom having a night stand can have serious consequences for her life.

In this new HBO Max series Casey Cuco plays Cozy Bowden.  (Photo: HBO Max)
In this new HBO Max series Casey Cuco plays Cozy Bowden. (Photo: HBO Max)


By spending too much time on a character, an actor runs the risk of never being able to get out of the same role or worse than the character that made him famous. In the “The Flight Attendant” series, the funny Kuko was able to completely change the funny Penny aside. The American has shown that she is a great comedian and now, suspense and drama are her thing.

Kyuko’s performance is memorable, making the audience understand his fears and mental processes. Also, if possible, and the script allows it, which contains hilarious flashes. There is no doubt that she mixes her experience well in comedy on her new stage as a suspense actress. She shows the most intense moments when she is anxious from the post-traumatic stress disorder she is experiencing.

The script is one of the strengths of this HBO Max series. This is unpredictable, as it happens in all suspense series, and every time you know what is going to happen, the story takes a turn and we have to start looking for the culprit or the killer.

The story allows for the display of various flashbacks that enrich the staging. In addition, multiple scenes are presented at the same time at key moments, allowing viewers to join the game of discovering what is happening on screens invisible to the naked eye.

The characters that make up the cast also do a great job. Gazi’s lawyer friend Annie (Socia Mammoth) lived a more casual and traditional life than the party’s female protagonist. But the looks are deceptive. Their personalities unite in a true friendship, which not only adds to the story but also creates a lot of empathy among the audience.

The Bat

It’s a very enlightening series, and sometimes it seems like it wants to become a more psychological one, but that’s not enough. In general, I see more success than mistakes, except for a few weak moments in a script like the story of the villain Miranda (Michael Gomez).

The series is a play based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Chris Bojalian (Photo: HBO Max)
The series is a play based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Chris Bojalian (Photo: HBO Max)


Fiction has fun moments, which are very light, but with enough suspense to keep the viewer stuck to the screen. Cuco does a great job of playing a completely different role than we have been accustomed to for over a decade in “The Big Bang Theory”. In general, this is well-prepared fiction.


Original title: Flight Assistant

Gender: Thriller, mystery, comedy

Country: United States

Idium: English

Where to look: HBO Max

Duration: 8 episodes (40 min.)

Year: 2020

Classification: +13 years


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