Irela Bravo in Miami: Reuniting with Osamu and Yori Gomez

Photo: Telenovela The Right to Dream | Facebook

Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

Cuban host and actress Irela Bravo was in Miami and that’s why she’s “taking a break” from her show. Between you and me. At least that’s what his replacement Alejandro Cuervo says.

Not a single photo from the trip has emerged, but pictures of this weekend’s reunion with friends and acquaintances like musician Osamu Menendez and his wife, actress Yori Gomez, were posted in the parking lot of the Real Cafe. Artist’s concert.

Also, Santiago-based singer Pedro Rafael Flores, who attended Osamu’s presentation, shared with Airela:

“A sweet meeting to end the night in the Real Cafe parking lot with great actress Yori Gomez, producer Bertha Garcia; Dalgis Diaz, sound engineer and beloved actress Irela Bravo, Mamacita for everyone The Right to Dream,” Flores wrote.

According to multiple sources, everything points to Irela being in the US for several months. In fact, since the beginning of October, Alejandro Cuervo has taken over the leadership of the popular Cuban TV show. between you and me, In it he explained that Airela had “other work responsibilities”.

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