MSRT is a lesser-known Windows tool for detecting malware

The application allows you to analyze the possible programs affecting the system. (Unsplash)

Although Windows It contains Windows Defender The core operating system security program is a lesser-known feature that provides critical productivity functions and is worth checking out Microsoft Software Removal Tool, One MSRT.

This tool is hidden in the depths of the operating system. MSRT is not a real-time program like Windows Defender, but it is a function that works from deep, and below we are going to explain what it is and how to use it.

Microsoft Software Removal Tool is a security tool built into current operating systems. Microsoft, Windows 10 and 11. Its main function is to detect and remove known and common malware that has infiltrated the system.

While this doesn’t replace the need for comprehensive antivirus software, MSRT is a valuable feature for spot scanning and cleaning. Unlike Windows Defender, which works silently in the background, MSRT waits for user prompts to take action.

The application allows you to analyze the possible programs affecting the system. (Unsplash)

To activate this tool one by one, you need to follow a series of steps:

1. Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard. This will open the Windows Run window.

2. In this window type “mrt” (without quotes) and press Enter key or click OK.

3. Once the command is executed, the Microsoft Software Removal Tool window will open.

Upon reaching this window, three security options will appear:

– Quick Analysis: This option scans the computer for areas that contain malicious software. This is a great choice if you need a quick assessment of your system.

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– Complete Analysis: It acts as a thorough review of the entire system for threats. This option scans every corner of your computer for malware.

– Custom Analysis: This option allows you to customize the location or folder you want to scan. This is useful if you suspect a specific area of ​​the system may be compromised or want to check a specific folder.

It should be noted that MSRT is not a complete replacement for robust antivirus software. Instead, it is specifically designed to detect and removeknown malware families and Often it can wreak havoc on a computer.

The application allows you to analyze the possible programs affecting the system. (Unsplash)

It is a very useful tool that should be part of a complete security package that should be taken into account to take care of our computer. There are four events when the analysis is executed and it is detected Malware Take Actions:

– If you suspect that the computer is infected or behaving abnormally.

– As part of regular security maintenance, ensure that there are no hidden threats on the system.

– After downloading files or programs from unreliable or unknown sources.

– If you want to check a specific folder or location for malware, we’re probably going to share it or move it to another device.

For some reason this tool is not installed on the computer. However, getting it is not complicated and the process is free as it is done directly MicrosoftThis guarantees its installation.

You must access to get MSRT, Then put ‘MSRT’ in the search engine, the first result will be a page called ‘Malicious Software Removal Tool’, then you need to enter it and download the content.

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