Arosa Arena among MLB postseason ranking leaders

Four Latino players are in the top 20 with the best on-base average in history MLB Postseason.

The winner with at least 100 at-bats (BA) in the playoffs and the best career OBP is Lou Gehrig, with an astronomical .483 (150 BA). to “The Iron Horse” He is also followed by Yankee, Babe Ruth .470 (167 PA) with a .Advertisements

Albert Pujols has been the best Latino in the MLB postseason

Three other Latino players who made the exclusive list of 20 best OBP in the postseason:

Randy Arosarena (Cuba): The Tampa Bay Rays outfielder is one of only four Latinos (top 20) still active in MLB. His OBP so far is .414 (13th all-time). From 2019 to 2023, the natural-born Mexican is amassing 128 PA with 38 hits, 13 walks and two strikeouts.

Carlos Beltran (Puerto Rico): One of the best switch hitters in MLB history. He played in the playoffs from 2004 to 2017, and his OBP during that span was .412, the 14th highest of all time. PA Beltran had 66 hits in 256 innings, issued 37 walks and was hit by a pitch twice.

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David Ortiz (Dominican): “Uncle” From 2002 to 2016 he was a whip for contenders in the postseason. He ranks 18th all-time with an OBP of .404. Of these four Latin sluggers, he is the only one who currently belongs in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. In the playoffs, Ortiz had 88 hits, 59 walks and two hits.


Other names

Manny Ramirez: .394 (493 PA), 27th.
Pablo Sandoval: .386 (171 PA), 32nd.
Rafael Devers: .382 (102 PA), 37th.
Roberto Alomar: 381 (263 PA), 39th.
Ronald Acuna Jr.: .378 (111 PA), 42nd.
Carlos Ruiz: .377 (184 PA), 45th.
Víctor Martínez: .374 (163 PA), 49th.

Ronald Acuna Jr He is the only one of the above mentioned to be active this MLB postseason. Venezuela led the majors in 2023 with a .416 average (217 hits, 80 ppg and nine hits).

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