More than 50,000 people have applied for Spanish citizenship under the “law of grandchildren”.

Spain’s foreign ministry has received more than 50,000 applications for Spanish citizenship until March 2023 under Pedro Sánchez’s still-socialist government, which suffered a heavy blow in the country’s regional elections. Democratic memory or “law of grandchildren”, as it is known in Latin America.

Many reports As of March 31 this year, Spanish embassies have received 51,040 requests, nearly 10,000 per month since the law came into force. One of the countries that benefited the most was Cuba. Other data indicate that in the first five months, up to May 2023, at least 300 people a day applied for European citizenship.

Descendants of Spanish exiles, or older children who could not benefit from the previous law, now do so, and although the wait and delay caused by the same claim is frustrating to some, the demand is enormous. In particular, the right wing is gaining ground in Spain as the months go by. If they come to power it is one thing to remove this law.

Law of Grandchildren for Spanish Nationality

Known in Latin America as the “Law of Grandchildren,” it is far more comprehensive than socialist Zapatero’s Law of Historical Memory. This new regulation, which caused an avalanche of requests, was one of the most used chapters by expatriates, along with the previous law “sons and daughters of legal age of nationalized Spaniards”. Now become citizens.

It is obvious that obtaining Spanish nationality means many advantages not only in Spain but also in the rest of Europe. For this reason, there are many applicants for it in Latin America, as it is a way to properly immigrate with papers and to draw other members of the family to Spain.

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Spain will hold a general election on July 23. Is the Democratic Memory Act also at risk?

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