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On Thursday, the Constitutional Court in Chisinau declared unconstitutional Law 234 on the functioning of languages ​​spoken in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, giving the Russian language a special status, which was adopted by a majority in parliament in December between the Socialist Party and the Tsarist Party. Moldovan, Radio Chisinau, Giorl de Carta and Agora.M.T.

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After several hours of deliberations, the judges accepted the decision and examined the statements submitted by the delegates Octavian Agu (unattached), Dinu Blanco and Maria Siobanu (Dignity and Truth / from the pro / European / platform).

Judge Vladimir Durgan (former Socialist deputy) said there was a separate opinion, said Domnica Manol, chair of the Constitutional Court.

“This decision is final and cannot be subject to any appeal,” Domnica was quoted as saying by Giorgio de Carta.

“In the Republic of Moldova, the content of such legislation is an important issue. The Constitutional Court is out of political debate. I urge that any decision of the Constitutional Court be analyzed in the light of its arguments: without prejudice and favor,” the tribunal said. Press conference held after the results were announced.

In the analysis of the notices submitted, the Constitutional Court refers to art. 13 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, he noted.

“Russian language is not given a special status in the territory of the Republic of Moldova,” said Domnica Manol, referring to the results of the 2014 census, which found that 77, 87% of the population of the Republic of Moldova spoke Romanian and only 9.39%.

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According to census data at the time, 4,08% of the population spoke the Caucasus language; 3, 82% – Ukrainian language; 1, 48% – Bulgarian language.

At a session of parliament on the night of December 15-16, the draft law on the functioning of the languages ​​spoken in the territory of the Republic of Moldova was voted on in a second reading with 55 votes in favor. More precisely, the plan was supported by representatives of the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova (BSRM) and the “For Moldova” platform, of which the party is a party.

The Legislative Initiative is owned by several representatives of the PSRM Parliamentary Committee – Vasila Polia, Bokton Ardia and Andrian Lepetinci, Agora.M.T.

According to the law, employees of government agencies were obliged to discuss, provide information and ensure that notices, certificates and any other documents are translated into Russian if citizens come forward with requests in this regard.

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