Eight days after their separation, the woman was killed by her ex-partner

The couple had been in trouble for months, even seeking the help of a church board, but it all ended in tragedy.

For 8 days, Siomara had decided to separate from her spouse for the second time and was walking 600 meters to her parents’ house, from where she shared a house with her second daughter’s father, Carlos Humberto Martinez.

On Wednesday afternoon, April 14, Siomara was alone with her two children, aged 11 and 2 1/2, when her ex-partner arrived.

In the Los Santos community, in Cosudepec, Casco da Gama, Carlos sent the children to the store through a narrow dusty street running along the railroad tracks.

Carlos assassinated Siomara with a revolver and then used the fact that he had no children to shoot himself. The corpses were left one after the other in a small house with a dirty floor.

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The scene shows the 26-year-old fighting with his attacker, according to authorities.

Siomara and Carlos have been together for 4 years and they had a two and a half year old daughter.

According to Siomara’s family, the couple had been in trouble for months and even sought the help of a group at a church, but eventually broke up.

“They tried to get things back because they had a daughter in common, and for him they got a little closer to God’s things, but it didn’t work out,” says one of the relatives.

Although relatives said there was no evidence that she was physically abused, acquaintances told them she may have been assaulted by her accomplice.

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The remains will be buried separately in the Kozudepic Cemetery. EDH Photo / Lisette Lemus

Someone in the neighborhood commented that the young woman had been abused, but the women did not dare to denounce it because “justice does not know who protects, who does not, they are detained for a while, then it is expensive”.

Siomara’s sister describes him as a very friendly person and a good mother. The young woman had been doing housework for eight years.

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Neighbors describe Carlos as a quiet, unassuming young man in the neighborhood. “He came to the church committee on Saturday and I don’t understand what happened to him,” said a neighbor.

The remains of Guru Siomara are hidden in the center of the Cozudebeck, while Carlos La Esperanza is hidden in the Hermitage of the community. Both will be buried in separate graves in the municipal cemetery of Kozutebek.

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