Social distance is high in the case of the rich

The richer you are, the more likely you are to use social distance, a new study shows. The higher a person’s income, the more likely they are to protect themselves against an infection. This is what economists at Johns Hopkins University in the United States think.

When adhering to behaviors including social exclusion and wearing a mask, the group found a significant link to their financial well-being. People earning about $ 230,000 a year are 54 percent more likely to grow these Types of behaviors Defensive. This compares to a population of approximately, 13,000 earning.

“We need to understand these differences because we’re ashamed to shake hands, but in a way it’s not a bar. He should also know that he is helping us to establish policies, ”said Nick Babjorge, professor of economics at the United States. Comply with physics.

How discoveries about social distance can help us in the future

Findings may contribute to accurate predictions of how the disease is spread. They are the most recent Population Economic Magazine. As part of a survey of six countries, 1,000 people in the United States, Texas, Florida, California and New York received a series of questions in April 2020. Their goal was to determine how their behavior changed as the number of Govt-19 cases increased.

The resulting data contain information about income, gender and race. These include unique variables associated with infection. Work arrangements and Home quality. Almost everyone has changed their behavior in some way to try to be safe. But people who make more money have made more changes.

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The biggest winners are 13% more likely to change their behavior. They are 32% more likely to increase social distance and 30% more likely to wash their hands Wearing masks.

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