Moduga wins first leg at Donley against Kevin Lopez’s double century, conceded goal – Tees

Motagua He was able to finish his night on the field with a boom Marcelo Dinoco de Donley, But the innocence of an experienced defender like Marcelo Pereira lost him to a better result because they allowed themselves to be beaten at a discount, but it was enough to win 1-2. Lopos UPNFM In the first leg of the resection.

Hurricane did not need a fancy game to create a strong match where, despite not having a good start, he was able to recreate it early on with their inspiring filler. Kevin Lopez.

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The ‘Soloma‘He got back to his best, he showed it before the rounds were over, and he made it clear on the university field that he had been punished twice: the first goal went to 49’, a local who took advantage of the steering wheel after a huge error on defense, finishing with a volley; The note caused controversy because the locals did not cross the ball fort, but the center Nelson Salcado Confirmed action.

After that, that Raul Caesares, Who was able to stop Motac’s power in the first episode, launched an attack in search of Drew, but it was still there. Lopez, In a counterattack, annihilated his target after leaving the race Leswin Medina And finish powerfully at 57 ‘from the left. At 64 ‘, Eagles They were then close to third Michael Osorio He almost scored an own goal, but the ball hit the crossbar.

Since then, meeting has been a clean routine for them Diego Vasquez Although they did not show possession of the ball, they were not affected, they maintained the same plan even after making five substitutions, and it seemed that they would reach a basic result.

Last-minute additions, however Marcelo Pereira, In an aerial ball, Carlos Roses pushes with his hand and catches the ball, which is referred to as the center-back maximum penalty. ‘Machuka’ Ramirez scored a goal in 90 + 6.

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In this way, Lobos revived the tie and left with the hope of visiting Tegucigalpa, where they will face their rival on Saturday night at 7:00, defining the tie from the penalty if they fit on the global scoreboard. Kicks after regulatory change.

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– File –


UPNFM: Gerson Argueta; Jack Baptiste, Leswin Medina, Michael Osorio, Axel Gomes; By Louis Argent; Jack Baptiste, Rembrandt Flores; Carlos Roses, Juan Ramon Mejia, Marlon Ramirez.

Modagua: Jonathan Rogier; Marcelo Santos, Marcelo Pereira, Wesley Decas, Diego Rodriguez; Juan Delcado, Hector Castellanos, Diego Aski, Kevin Lopez; Ginzalo Klussener, Ivan López.


UPNFM: 63 ‘, Carlos Róchez for Jairo Róchez; 78 ‘, by Rembrandt Flores, Samuel Elvir and Juan Megia by Aldo Ovio, Marco Megia and Caesar Gillen; 80 ‘, by Louis Arjen for Darwin Antino.

Modagua: 66 ‘, Gonzalo Klusner for Roberto Morera; 80 ‘, Ivan Lopez of Marco Vega; 85 ‘to Diego Aski, Hector Castellanos and Kevin Lopez to Jesse Moncota, Christopher Melandes and Muma Fernandez.


UPNFM: Axel Gomez and Michael Osorio.

Modagua: Ginzalo Klussener, Diego Auzqui, Carlos Fernandez and Marco Tulio Vega.


UPNFM: Marlon Ramirez (90 + 6 ‘)

Modagua: Kevin Lopez (49 ‘and 57’)

– Minute by minute of the first leg between Lopos and Mottagua –

Done! After Machuka’s goal, Nelson Salcado made the final whistle. Lopos 1-2 Motacua in Marcelo Dinoco de Donley. The return leg will be Saturday and if there is a tie overall, a penalty kick will take place.

Minute 90 + 6: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of wolves! Marlon ‘Machuca’ Ramírez’s Gold score will get a substantial discount to UPNFM, with this goal, he is alive in the tie.

Minute 90 + 5: Penalty! In the last second of the match, Marcelo Pereira, with great innocence, made a breach for Giro Roses into the area and Nelson Salcado fined UPNFM. Tulio Verga was reprimanded for his claims.

Minute 91: Carlos ‘Muma’ Fernandez Stamps and he won the alarm.

Minute 90: A five minute discount is included for the game. Locals are actively seeking a discount.

Minute 87: Michael Osorio and Nelson Chalkado’s foul show the second yellow of the game. Both are for locals.

Minute 85: There is no danger to the Eagles in the game, and they make three changes: Diego Aski, Hector Castellanos and Kevin Lopez leave and Jesse Moncotta, Christopher Melandes and Muma Fernandez enter.

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Minute 80: It comes out in Marco Tulio Vega’s Motacua Ivan Lopez. Louis Argent did UPNFM to introduce Darwin Antino.

Minute 78: Three changes in the wolves: Rembrandt Flores, Samuel Elvir and Juan Mejia go to Aldo Ovio, Marco Megia and Caesar Gillen.

Minute 75: Sino Lopez misses a great opportunity to extend Motacua’s advantage. He shot from a distance and the ball bounced into the sky.

Minute 70: We reached the end of the game and the Wolves tried to get close to the match goal but they failed to create danger towards Rugier’s goal.

Minute 66: Alternative in the Eagles: Gonzalo Klusner leaves to enter Roberto Morera.

Minute 64: POSTE! UPNFM were saved from third place after Michael Osorio scored his own goal. The ball hit the metal on top.

Minute 63: Change in wolves. Jiro Roses enters and Carlos Roses leaves to replace him.

Minute 57: MOTAGUA’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Another one from Kevin Lopez! Leswin Medina could not stop ‘Soloma’ from finishing the race, he faced with his left foot and finished strong, the shot could not be stopped by Gerson Argueta. 0-2 hurricane in Donley.

Minute 51: The first warning of the match. Axel Gomez’s strong entry into Sino Lopez and Nelson Salcado shows yellow.

Minute 49: MOTAGUA’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Cyclone Raised Lobos early and on a corner kick, after a horror from the local defense, Kevin Lopez scored the goal. Axel Gómez tried to get it on the line, but the assistant pointed the ball past the goal.

The second time started: The filling starts at Marcelo Dino without any differences between the two teams.

Minute 45: Do not play anymore! Nelson Salcado saved the crowd and finished the first half of this boring match. No shots on goal in Danley.

Minute 41: Motakuwa is starting to come to the competitive area, but could not finish the goal directly. Sino Lopez is very active in eagles.

Minute 35: Locals continue! The game was overflowing from Carlos Róchez and the game ended with a shot near the right post scored by Rougier. Corner shot.

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Minute 27: The hurricane continues without finishing the university curve directly. The locals do not suffer in front of the eagles.

20 minutes: Wolves are well established in their field and today black wearers cannot penetrate them. Good tactical work of the team led by Raúl Cáceres.

Minute 14: It was on UPNFM! On a corner kick, Marcelo Santos was headed back, with Machuka Ramirez sweeping and scoring the first goal for the hosts without being able to push the ball.

Minute 12: Motakua’s first approach! The past center of Marcelo Santos, the rescuer of Ivan Lopez, who gives Diego Aski to the heart of the region, but Argentina sends her to fly.

10 min: Ten minutes passed and goalkeepers Gerson Argueta and Jonathan Rogier had no action. The game was locked in midfield.

Minute 5: No approaches on both goals. UPNFM in Marcelo Dino and hurricane did not hurt each other.

7:05 pm:First time started! Nelson starts blowing the Salcado whistle on the match between Lopos and Mottagua in Danley!

7:00 PM: The protagonists have already jumped into the action arena.

6:45 pm: Omar Elvir and Carlos Melendus are not in Modagua because they left for retirement after meeting with the national team.

6:40 pm: Both teams are warming up for the clash in Donley. The game starts at 7.05pm.

6:30 pm: how is it Lopos From RAÚL CÁCERES! Attacking trident.

Gerson Argueta; Jack Baptiste, Leswin Medina, Michael Osorio, Axel Gomes; By Louis Argent; Jack Baptiste, Rembrandt Flores; Carlos Roses, Juan Ramon Mejia, Marlon Ramirez.

6:20 pm: Alignment confirmed Motagua!

Jonathan Rogier; Marcelo Santos, Marcelo Pereira, Wesley Decas, Diego Rodriguez; Juan Delcado, Hector Castellanos, Diego Aski, Kevin Lopez; Ginzalo Klussener, Ivan López.

6:00 pm: Both campuses have already arrived at the site of this lively meeting.

Everything is ready to start the first chapter of repechage between Lopos UPNFM and The Motagua At the Marcelo Dino Stadium in Donley.

The match between the fourth and fifth cards of the 2021 National League Aberdura will be televised on Diego Sports starting at 7:05 pm.

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