The day Pidu Cejas found out that in Mexico you charge fortnightly mediotimbo


Mauro eyebrowsAlways know Raised eyebrowsA former Mexican footballer who played for teams such as Monterey, Pachuca, Santos, Monarchas and Puebla to Tecos, RayadosHe told a funny story when he found out that wages were collected every two weeks in Mexico.

Bidu Sejas and fortnights

“I have another story, for example, In Mexico you pay every 15 days. They split the month in half so I remember that They give me 15, then they want to give me 30I tell the accountantNo no, they already paid me” he declared Raised eyebrows MX to South America.

“She told me ‘No Mauro come on, here we pay like this’ Of course I don’t want to charge him because they have already paid me. It is true that it is a change. It should also be recognized I’m 21 and it’s true that you lose some ground“Veer was very engrossed in the story.

Secondly, Mauro eyebrows Approved to play Mexico It is a Difficult experience First because “I Was Lonely”, apart from keeping his family at a distance. However, the Argentinian footballer He was thankful that “they wrapped him up so well” in Mexico.A special mention to the Decos captain at the time: Juan Carlos “Cheto” Liano.

In the same way, Raised eyebrows They talked about when Mexican soccer teams participated in South American tournaments like Libertadores Cup and South American Cup. I’ll admit it up front Conmebol is the preferred referee for the teams.

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