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Colombia put a bag of Juan Valdez coffee in space, Its flagship brand, to celebrate International Coffee Day this Saturday, a symbolic product for the country.

Vice President of Marketing and Commerce Juan Valdez, Domenico Barbato, mentioned in the company statement.

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The launch was carried out from the municipality of Ballestina, located in the Caldas department of the Eje Cafetero region through hot air balloon Which contains a camera and a global positioning device (GPS) to document the path of departure and return of the coffee to the ground.

The company, which was supported by the Colombian civil aviation company and the young scientist Faber Burgos, added that the 1,800-gram bag reached a height of 85,301 feet (about 26,000 metres). “It is with great pride that we know that with this historic achievement we are putting Colombia is at the top’,” said Juan Valdez’s director of marketing, Lina Hoyos.

The executive added that the company will manufacture “a Tour with “Space Coffee”“In the coming months, visitors to Juan Valdez stores around the world will convey the joy that comes from this victory in reaching space.”

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Thus Juan Valdez endorses his “commitment to continue to carry the name of Colombia throughout the world and beyond, and commends the work of the more than 540,000 coffee-growing families, who every day strive to provide The best premium coffee in the country“.

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Colombia is the world’s largest producer of light washed Arabica coffee and the third largest producer of beans overall, after Brazil and Vietnam.

Next week, Colombia will host the annual meeting of the People’s Republic of China International Coffee Organization (ICO), Which will be held from 3-7 October as a prelude to the Cafés de Colombia Expo, the most important cereal fair in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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