Malik Scott, coach of Dionte Wilder, explains the reason for Tyson Fury’s outburst after the fight

After Tyson Fury’s brutal knockout loss due to “serious problems” with the British champion, Dionte Wilder refused to concede a fight.

This was according to his coach Malik Scott, who admitted he wanted to shake hands with Fury’s team, including fellow coach Zuckerhill Stewart.

Fury admitted that Wilder was slightly upset and branded him “an idiot”, but Scott now explained his fighter’s mentality after the defeat.

“Dionde sees Fury as a man. He had serious problems with the things he felt and some of the accusations and things he saw with his own eyes,” Scott said. ES News. Tonight, after they released that energy, he still felt like he did.

“When he came out of the ring and I followed him, he was going to shake the competitor’s hand to say, ‘Good fight, man.’ We were not just confronting Tyson Fury.

He was rushed to the University Medical Center shortly after the bronze bombing, and his arm was broken.

“Well, he’s in his room; then I took him to his room,” Scott added. “He saw the doctor, but everything is fine. He had a broken lip, he broke his arm … he broke his finger or knee or something.

“Life goes on, I think Fury will get the chance [Oleksandr] Usic, it would be nice. I don’t really want to talk about Diante boxing or playing sports. It has nothing to do with boxing for a while and I wish you could relax a bit after this.

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“Even after the last fight he was so excited, he’s not resting. You deserve a good rest. We ‘ll make sure we get it.

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After excuses after the restoration, the welder simply agreed to deal with Fury’s extra weight.

“I did what I could, but not enough tonight,” he declared. “I do not know what happened.

“I know he did some things in training and I also learned that he does not weigh 277 pounds (125.6 kilograms) to be a ballet dancer.

“He leaned over me. He tried to mislead me. He won.”

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