Miss Universe relinquishes her crown as Miss USA: Who will replace her?

Days after the beauty pageant’s highly controversial delivery, R’Bonnie Gabriel She announced that she will devote 100% of her duties as Miss USA to her new tasks. Miss Universe.

And the entrepreneur’s decision and Influencers Just 28 years old, there was no doubt as to who would take her place, and R’Bonney used the opportunity to promote the name of the new model, who was tasked with continuing her duties as Miss USA.

According to international media, Gabrielle resigned because she could no longer fulfill the duties of being Miss USA. This is due to her new responsibilities as Miss Universe. The rules of the Miss USA pageant establish that the winner must complete an agenda after her coronation, which includes travel and various activities in the United States.

The resignation comes after criticism and allegations of rigging in the national competition. Days after the reigning Miss Universe was crowned Miss USA, her compatriots voiced their disagreement, confirming that everything was arranged for Texas’ representative to be the winner that night.

Who is the new Miss USA?

After the producer in charge of the pageant broke the news, it was also elaborated that the model Morgan RomanR’Bonney Gabriel will be replaced by the 25-year-old who finished second in the competition. The coronation took place on January 27, 2023, by which time Morgan had already assumed her new title of Miss USA.

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