If you have a small space in your home, consider some recommendations for improving your home

In Latin American countries, the living space in homes is decreasing. For example, the size of homes and apartments in Mexico’s largest cities has gotten smaller and shrunk by up to 50% in the past decade, according to a study by consulting firm Softec.

For its part, in regions such as Spain, one out of three homes has an area of ​​more than 100 square meters, according to the results of an investigation by the Idealista real estate portal.

To do a remodel, it is important to plan if you need to tear down walls or if it is a simple project. – picture: FNA

Esther Rico, Master’s Degree Professor in Interior Design at the Barcelona School of Design, Esdesign, With this new way of smaller homes, the “Tiny Houses” trend was born to change the way the house is thought of, which, according to the My Tiny Way portal, Tiny Houses are primary residential units Full and compact, up to 50m2, ideally or partly self-contained, of high quality and serves as a full time occupied dwelling.

to improve

According to Rico, “When we have a small space, it is important to know how many square meters we have, especially in height, because we can optimize storage capacity depending on the space available and the way the spaces will be used throughout the day.”

In this sense, items such as multifunctional and stackable light furniture and organization will help to optimize the space even better.

For an organization, it is very important to consider how household items are used during the day, because in this way things can be organized according to their function, especially when many people live in the same place.

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show space

According to Rico, light and color can help us change the perception of space, and light colors can be applied to help reflect light and this will help to get a greater sense of spaciousness.

Likewise, according to the expert, a dark color can also be applied to the ceiling, to help give the feeling that it is “eliminating” and taking into account the wider or narrower part of the space, it will help the feeling of spaciousness if the furniture is placed in relation to these proportions, especially if the furniture is placed below the eyes ” It will help us perceive the space as larger.”

The importance of real estate funds for housing projects.
The most important thing, no matter what size you have, is that spaces offer peace, tranquility, and comfort, which is why it’s essential to prioritize proper organization. – picture: Getty Images

Finally, Rico added, “Order is the most important, as we commented earlier.”

The most important thing, no matter the size of the space, is that the spaces offer peace, quiet, and comfort. For this reason, it is essential to prioritize proper regulation. Objects or things that are no longer used are all things that fill homes, and this applies not only on the object level but also on the mental level.

to reshape it

On the other hand, Orlando Polo, Director of Technical Services at Pavco Wavin, emphasized that in order to carry out a successful remodeling in homes and avoid excessive spending, the spaces to be redesigned must be identified.

Space use and economy, the key to Tokyo's housing model.
Much can be supported by getting rid of the useless, which consists in getting rid of the useless or the things that are no longer used from all the things that fill the houses, and this applies not only at the object level but also at the mental level. – picture: Youtube / 株式会社 SPILYTUS

You should organize your remodeling plan in stages, prioritizing the areas of the home that require urgent changes. You can start by redesigning what is uncomfortable and detrimental to the quality of family life. It is necessary to continue with those details that provide greater comfort for the family, and if there is still a budget left, improve the aesthetic part of the house.

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Additionally, for a remodel, it’s important to plan if you need to tear down walls or if it’s a simple project. Minor renovations are those where the walls are painted, the floor or things are changed. While redesigning a space requires major changes such as demolishing walls or raising others.

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