Millie Cusada clarifies that she does not receive money from the government to hold concerts

Artist Millie Cusada clarified that she did not receive money from the Ministry of Social Policy to host Christmas parties in December 2020 last year.

Through his representative, Petrito Nice, the leading social translator said he had been contacted by the Cabinet of Social Policies, but that it was a condition of receiving money by contract when he gave art presentations.

He explained that in the absence of a contract or presentation, Quesada had never received government funding for other artists as a way to help cope with the crisis caused by the Govt-19 epidemic.

The reason for clarification is that the name of the famous Mornjuera has spread by mistake, along with other colleagues who have benefited from the above initiative.

Yesterday, Monday, the Directorate General of Public Procurement recalled (DGCP) recommended identifying and approving the authorities responsible for hiring 54 artists By the Cabinet of Social Policies.

The Agreement stated that the appropriate administrative procedure was not complied with, in violation of several principles of Act 340-06 relating to public procurement and contracting.

The Ministry of Social Policy hired 54 artists for 55.6 million pesos, which were awarded on the basis of breach of public contract terms.

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