Jennifer Lopez teaches us how to wear underwear to show off the perfect butt in winter

Jennifer Lopez has us hooked And in this case he is a model Underwear Which is correct To see the perfect butt, In addition to an enviable silhouette, be inspired by this dress that is perfect for winter or winter wear. Christmas holiday. We love how it looks!

When we thought that a Sensual and seductive vibe Only possible with red dresses, recently translator on the ground Reminds us that there are other outfits that can help us with that task, so we recommend recreating her outfit It will enhance your natural curves.

JLo models the perfect dress to look tall and slim at Christmas dinner

Through her Instagram account, the actress shared a photo as a model satin dress, with eNeckline at the back, transparency and a more natural fall. An example of how good her looks are Minimal clothing Because it is generally similar delicacy.

JLo models the perfect dress to look tall and slim at Christmas dinner. Photo: I.G

Jennifer Lopez’s relaxed hairstyle is 10 years refreshing

If you want to give him one this holiday season Normal vibration For a gala dress, our recommendation is that you choose Low bow A little loose hair and a little Natural curls As did JLo. Remember this season Combine styles Rather fashionable.

What shoes to wear underwear to look taller?

You, you have to model Underwear What he gives Perfect butt Jennifer Lopez style? We are ready to connect it Long, tailored boots, Ankle boots Or the footwear that we love the most, because that’s the benefit of these clothes You can see it very well with All shoes.

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