Mike Duchman’s catch while running home from Buzz

A milestone home run by Buster Posey, a game saver Mike Duchman And a leading single from Southpa Lamont Wade Jr., one of the most dramatic hits of the season San Francisco Giants, Who defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-5, became famous in 10 innings on Friday night. Dodger Stadium.

Posey’s 150th career homer, right – handed player Blake Train’s three – run tiebreaker gave the Giants a 5-2 lead in the eighth inning, but the Dodgers’ Austin Barnes came back to level the game with three runs. Tyler Rogers closer to the ninth base to hit a two-base home run:

The game was almost over when the famous Albert Bujols sent a deep drive to the left field, but Mike Duchman jumped and made an incredible catch on the wall, forcing the Dodgers to plunder the first paceman of a home run and force an extra inning.

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Dutchman Kenny Johnson, who was close to Los Angeles, finished 10th, but Wade continued to field on a right, which automatically ran and highlighted the Giants 6-5. Then, Evan Longoria went to the right field just above the head of the Sheldon News by a decisive two runs. With the win, the Giants advanced 1-4 against the Dodgers and 31-20 overall. This is the Dodgers’ second straight loss.

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