Luis Zelaya praises alliance between Salvador Nasrallah and Binu

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.-Liberal Louis Zelaya Congratulations Salvador Nasrallah Y Doris Guterres To Seal an alliance “Decent” for the good of the country.

Through his social networks, the former presidential candidate shared a picture of the TV lord and Binu, the leader of the party, who took part in the rally of supporters. The Salvador Party of Honduras (BSH) opposes deregulation of the Ballot Boards (JRV).

I congratulate Salvador Nasrallah and Binu, who have established a “decent” right alliance for the good of the country, and now fight for full representation in the polls and for corrupt national and international oversight. CNE We will remove the corrupt from power in fair elections. ”

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Host Salvador Nasrallah announced this Thursday that he would formalize an alliance with the Innovation and Solidarity Party (PINU), where he will appear as the presidential candidate and Doris Guterres as the presidential candidate.

In addition, the doctor Suyaba Fikurova, President of the Honduran Medical College (CMH), will appear as the first candidate to run for vice-president for Francisco Morason.

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The announcement comes just hours before CNE launches a call for a general election on November 28.

The deadline for formalizing this type of agreement expires this Thursday at 12:00 pm, regardless of whether the call for general elections was made hours or minutes earlier.

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