Peru expresses concern over statements by Colombian authorities after recent events

According to the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Colombian officials and expressed its surprise “at the reports of the country’s authorities on recent events in Peru.” According to a drill from the Peruvian company.

Colombia’s President Gustavo Pedro has asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to issue precautionary measures after ousting Peru’s former president Pedro Castillo in a failed attempt to dissolve Congress. In favor of the fort.

“I ask the IACHR to invoke the American Convention on Human Rights and issue precautionary measures in favor of the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo. The right to elect and be elected has been violated, and there must be an independent adjudicating court,” Pedro wrote on Twitter last Thursday.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peru has made it clear that human rights, separation of powers and justice are respected in the country.

“He recalled that in Peru there is full respect for human rights, due process and the separation of powers, which guarantee free access to justice for all our citizens,” the Twitter account said.

In addition, the Peruvian government, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says it will continue to deepen ties of friendship and cooperation with Colombia: “The Peruvian government will continue to deepen the friendship, cooperation and integration that unites the two peoples. Mutual respect, the full validity of international law and shared values ​​on democracy and human rights.

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Demonstrations of Peru against Mexico

Similarly, the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement, summoned Mexico’s ambassador to Peru, Pablo Monroi. “To inform you of the surprise created in Peru by the revelations of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Foreign Minister Marcelo Ephrat, Regarding the political processes of the country.

in your account Twitter, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) expressed his opinion on the political crisis in Peru last Wednesday. “Our foreign policy is one of non-intervention and the right of the people to self-determination,” the Peruvian political and economic elite later declared, attacking Castillo in a hostile manner.

“For the interests of the economic and political elite, since the beginning of the formal presidency of Pedro Castillo, a conflict and an atmosphere of hostility has been maintained against him, leading him to make decisions. Serving his enemies to accomplish his dismissal”, AMLO affirmed. In addition, he labeled “moral impotence” as the reason for rejection as a “sui generis command”.

In its statement, Peru’s Ministry of Relations clarified that the Mexican government’s statements indicated interference: “The statements of the Mexican authorities interfere in the internal affairs of Peru and are not consistent with the events that have taken place in recent days.”

President López Obrador also confirmed Castillo’s request for political asylum in Mexico early Thursday morning.

“We have started consultation with the Peruvian authorities,” he wrote on Twitter Mexico’s foreign secretary, Marcelo Erbrard, indicates that they are considering it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also responded to that request: “Concerning the reports of the authorities on the right of asylum called by former President Pedro Castillo, Ambassador Monroy was informed of the need for states to adhere to the provisions of the international agreements in force. Important and in compliance with all the requirements they establish.”

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So far only the leaders of Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela have spoken out against Castillo’s removal. Venezuela’s president addressed the events in a public address and confirmed that the Castillo government was marked by “persecution” and that the opposition had taken it to extremes.

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