Paunovic revealed a condition for agreeing to lead Chivas

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The new Guadalajara coach was honest and openly revealed that at another time he would not have agreed to take charge in Mexico.

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Mexican football is popular due to the excellent salaries paid to coaches and footballers; However, it continues to be a league that is not very popular among Europeans Chivas’ new coach, Veljko Paunovic, He was honest and realized that if a certain situation did not arise, he would not do itOr he would have agreed to come to Mexico to lead the herd.

The European strategist has extensive experience in football union as he has enjoyed his matchesIf you are Serbia, Spain, Germany, Russia and USA, So now he adds Mexico to that list, but I wouldn’t have accepted if it wasn’t for Fernando Hierro.

“My main supporter is Fernando Hierro. Chivas, Probably wouldn’t have booked me if it wasn’t for him and I wouldn’t have gone either. (…) It is a pleasure to work with someone of your knowledge. He has experience as a player, as a game director and on the bench. Know, therefore, understand the coachR. Plus, we share the same vision of the game. We develop our interest in each other,” he explained in an interview with MARGA.

poll How long will it take for Paunovic to become a champion with Chivas?

How long will it take for Paunovic to become a champion with Chivas?

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arrivalE Paunovic was well regarded by GuadalajaraA worker in forced marches to accept the European idea of ​​football Achieve the league debut with the best status.

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What’s next for Chivas next season?

Guadalajara continues to prepare Made his debut in Clausura 2023 on 7 January against RayadosSo they will tour Spain and then return to the Pearl of the West Participating in the Sky Cup, where they will appear against Mazatlán on December 16.

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