Miguel Vargas hits 1st home run with Oklahoma City

Organization of Los Angeles Dodgers A lot more awaits Miguel Vargas. The all-rounder from the capital, son of an industrials legend, Lazaro VargasGet out of debt Spring training And the season began in the Triple A branch Oklahoma City Baseball Club.

The task ahead of Cuba is not easy. As we say in popular slang, “To break the league“Inside Oklahoma City Trying to earn Dave Roberts' trust and return to being part of the core roster of a complex organization Los Angeles Dodgers.

His numbers after the first two games of the season left a lot to be desired, especially in his recent performance against him Tacoma RainersFrom the system of Seattle Mariners.

Miguel Vargas hit a huge hit to extend the lead

Entered with a right Drowning At 91.2 MPH to the same center, Vargas was unforgiving. After hitting 107.8 MPH he put the ball 419 feet over the left field fence. Cheney StadiumFrom Washington.

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to Miguel Vargas It was his first home run of the season. He went 2-for-4 with a walk in the game. Those were his first two hits of the year and his first two RBIs.

After two games played, he is hitting .286/.500/.714/1.214 (AVE/OBP/SLG/OPS). He has three walks and one strikeout. He Oklahoma City Finished beating Tacoma With an enclosed 9×7 marker.

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