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Daniel Hernandez Naranjo

March 31, 2024 at 8:29 pm.

Last reply from National Planning Department I explained to the Congress of the Republic that the failure of the National Government to implement the resources is seriously affecting the health sector. Science and Technology.

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Through a document sent to the delegate Jennifer PedrazaThe government recognizes that although the allocation of resources from the public royalties system to promote scientific research and innovation is among the highest in history, Approvals highlight exactly the opposite.

This report begins by saying that “Public and open competitive calls have allowed us to improve participation and the dynamism of the CTI allocation to the SGR. Starting from the biennium 2021-2022, the CTI allocation stands at 10% in real terms and it is important to highlight that the biennium 2023-2024 offers the highest allocation to this item with a total of 2.99 billion Peso.

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Then he explains it “Approvals of allocated resources have improved compared to the previous scheme.” In addition to that “After the SGR reform in 2019, the resources approved in 2019-2023 exceeded those in 2012-2018 by more than 30%.” However, when looking only at implementation in 2023, this barely amounts to $130,000 million.

In the graphs attached by the DNP, it can be seen that this figure is the lowest in recent years, and was only surpassed by 2016 ($50,000 million).
It should be noted that the allocations figure for 2022 amounted to 849 thousand million dollars, and the highest point seen in the data is the year 2020, where $1.1 billionAccording to the government.

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Daniel Hernandez Naranjo
Portfolio journalist

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