Pepe Mujica again criticizes the Maduro regime: “It looks like they are playing democracy but they are not”

Pepe Mújica criticized the Maduro regime for not allowing them to participate in the next presidential election.

Left-wing reference and former Uruguayan president Jose 'Pepe' Mujica He said the situation in Venezuela was “deplorable” because in the Caribbean country “it looks like they're playing democracy, but they're not playing democracy.”

Within the framework of the functioning of its political power, the Left Alliance Wide front (FA), and advise on the concern expressed by the governments of various Latin American countries after the disqualification of the opposition candidate. Corina Yoris“What happened in Venezuela is regrettable,” Mujica declared to the press.

“They look like they're playing democracy but they're not playing democracy.”“, he warned that using the word dictatorship to refer to Nicolás Maduro's government is “equivalent” compared to countries in the Middle East.

“The term dictatorship is misleading, what is there in Afghanistan? What do the Taliban have? Are they dictatorships or theocracies? And what about Saudi Arabia? That's what the former guerrilla who ruled Uruguay between 2010 and 2015 said.

To this he added,It is clear that there is no basic respect for the opposition in Venezuela It confuses and creates a situation that cannot be called democracy.

FILE PHOTO: Corina Yoris Villasana speaks during a press conference after the nomination of Venezuelan opposition leader María Corina Machado as presidential candidate in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 22, 2024. REUTERS/Gaby Oraa – RC29R6AOY5M8

Mujica's statements were criticized by the FA pre-candidate he is backing for June's internal elections, with official pre-candidates saying disqualifying candidates in Venezuela was akin to “cheating” in horse racing.

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Uruguayan Vice President Beatriz Argimón vowed last Thursday that Venezuela had a “deteriorating process of what a dictatorship is.” To that end, he supported President Louis Lacal Poe's decision to keep an ambassador in the Caribbean country.

Earlier, the Chancellor, Omar PaganiniHe asserted that Venezuela was consolidating itself into a “dictatorship” and that its electoral process was “totally corrupt”.

Paganini underlined the importance of the statement expressed by Uruguay, along with Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru. .

Brazil's presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and France's Emmanuel Macron sent a strong message to Maduro on Thursday, urging him to hold democratic elections “with the participation of all” after describing the impeachment as “radical”. Yoris was chosen to replace the already banned Maria Corina Machado.

For its part, Nicolás Maduro's rule in Venezuela He lashed out Against Mujica and his associates Regional Gustavo Pedro, President of Colombia; And Luis Inacio Lula de SilvaPresident of Brazil.

Through his account on the social network Jorge RodriguezRevealed: “We are not involved in anybody's business. Put your comments where they belong”.

“You know the president PetroPresident Lula, MujicaSuch as the plan of rebellion and assassination revealed here by Fascism's chief spokesman in Miami? While continuing: “Will your countries accept plans to attack the President as we have expressed on many occasions? Did you know that the fascist organization Vente Venezuela has never applied to register as a political party, nor has it applied on its own initiative? That is, the party was never registered with the CNE (National Electoral Council) or they did not register on their own initiative,” Rodriguez disclosed.

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And he concluded: “Did you hear that 100% of the parties accredited to the CNE, from across the political spectrum, registered any of the 13 candidates running for the presidency of Venezuela? Ignorance? Ignorance? Afraid? We are not involved in anybody's business. Put your comments where they belong”.

(with information from EFE)

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