Miguel Puello: “Pablo Ulloa and I have differences”

The second deputy of the Ombudsman, Miguel Puello, considered that Pablo Ulloa, the president of the institution, was trying to divert attention from the main contradiction that exists with his statement that “he does not know the constitutional role of the body and the law”. 19-01 made by the Ombudsman”.

He recommended stopping en route after the Ombudsman said a recent institution, healthy, with little social recognition, would play an important role in protecting people’s rights as human beings in their relationship with the state. and public service providers.

“We will make every effort to combine our skills and interests and try to make the Ombudsman a solid institution that is recognized and respected in the Dominican community,” he suggested.

Contrary to his position that affirms that the institution created by Law 19-01 is the college, he affirms that there are differences in Pablo Ulloa’s understanding that the Ombudsman is personal.

“How to strengthen the ombudsman, ways to manage the company’s resources from the national budget, resources received by the state through taxes, making a lot of sacrifices, Mr. There is no doubt that Pablo Ulloa and I have our differences. Citizens are paid,” Buello said in a press release sent to List’s Diario.

As for the role of substitutes, although it is true that their function is to compensate for the deficiency of the holder, according to Article 7 of Law 19-01, the privileges and duties of the arbitrator are similar to those of the substitutes’ representatives.

He said the ombudsman chairman, the mandate of the law and his status as a public officer, has a duty to inform other members about administrative actions and decisions, which the ombudsman never did.

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He felt that the Ombudsman cannot adjust the law for his personal convenience, misusing the company’s resources

“As far as I am concerned, I have not requested anything personal from him, I have no friends or family working in the company, I have asked him for reports on executive management and he allows me to do the tasks that I have. The second alternate and representative counsel is why he is angry with me because he understands that no one can ask him to act transparently,” he said.


On August 31, Puello published an approach in this newspaper in which he highlighted the dispute between the ombudsmen; That is, he has the second alternate and the ombudsman as president.

“There are people who spend their lives preaching moral philosophy, demanding that others fulfill their obligations based on ethics and moral values; However, when it comes to managing or leading public institutions, they act contrary to their preaching, filling those who trust them with despair,” Buello wrote.

He also raised: “How can I keep calm if my friend Pablo Ulloa did not even call a meeting with the officials who entrusted him with the responsibility of leading the ombudsman for a whole year (the person who holds the highest position. The people’s ombudsman, two assistants and two substitutes)”.

Even after one year of management in the company, its officials were not meeting.


Lack of consensus among lawyers


Dr. They never met to receive a report on the assets and liabilities of the Zoila Martinez-led administration.


Officials elected, elected and sworn in by the legislative power do not know the economic status of the arbitrator.

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