Julio Sanguinetti and Uruguay's Vice President learn of the horror at El Helicoid

Political leaders of various ideologies in Uruguay learned of the horror experienced in the largest torture center in Venezuela, helicoid, While touring the virtual reality museum created by the NGO Voces de la Memoria.

Human rights activists traveled Montevideo To meet various people from the political and social spheres with the aim of promoting the demand for the release of political prisoners and the closure of torture centers in Venezuela.

One of those wearing a virtual reality helmet was former president Julio Maria Sanguinetti, who was able to tour the cells of El Helicoid and listen to the testimonies of political prisoners who escaped from this torture center.

The Vice President of Uruguay also experienced a profound, Beatrice ArchimonHe received a delegation of Vos de la Memoria in his office, consisting of former political prisoners Victor Navarro and Francisco Marquez and activist. Eliza Trotta, He is also the General Secretary of the Argentine Forum for the Defense of Democracy (FADD).

Representatives of Voces de la Memoria also met with Senator and Presidential candidate Jorge Gandini; with Pablo Iduralde, leader of the National Party; With representatives Juan Martin Rodríguez and Rodrigo Cony and Pedro Alvarez of Uruguay's broad front.

“The world must call a spade a spade. Venezuela has a regime of torture. Nicolás Maduro is a torturer who commits crimes against humanity. We cannot normalize the horror that hundreds of Venezuelans are suffering at this moment for the simple fact of thinking differently,” said Victor Navarro.

Elisa Trotta, for her part, highlighted the need for the international community to promote initiatives to hold accountable those responsible for these grave human rights violations. “It is important that the democratic world supports the International Criminal Court and the Federal Judge of Argentina, under the principle of universal jurisdiction, to punish those who committed these crimes and to get justice for the victims. The victims and this horror will not happen again on our continent,” he said.

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