It only costs 10 euros and upgrades your MacBook with your iPhone

You can upgrade your MacBook's webcam with your iPhone for just 10 euros.

This accessory updates your MacBook with your iPhone

This little one iPhone companion It's a huge improvement for your MacBook, and the most incredible thing of all is just that It costs 10 euros. It is a small accessory for iPhone using magnets of MagSafe technology and allows you to use it conveniently. A webcam for your Mac.

The camera that laptops connect to, no matter how advanced it is on the latest Apple MacBooks, is generally not the best in the world. The iPhone is infinitely superior That's why it provides better results during video calling. Best of all, thank you for this A cheap companionYou can safely place your iPhone on top of your MacBook.

Magnetic Continuum Camera Mount for iPhone

This mobile phone holder allows you to use your mobile phone as a webcam for your laptop, while increasing your work efficiency when using two screens.

Continuation room

Your iPhone turns into a webcam with this accessory

Perfect accessory for those who make a lot of video calls

If you are one of those who work from home and have to attend several video calls throughout the week, It's an essential accessory if you want to up the ante of the image you provide. Instead of a small camera, you can use the main iPhone cameras as a webcam, and the best part is that you don't need to install anything.

Thanks to the Continuity Camera functionality available in MacOS Connect iPhone to Mac as a webcam without cables Without downloading any app. You only need to choose the iPhone as the default camera in the video calling app you are going to use. It works with all of them.

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This is an amazing feature Apple shows the power of the ecosystem. Thanks to this small accessory, you can safely place the iPhone on top of your MacBook screen and use the rear cameras to achieve maximum quality for 10 euros.

Magnetic Continuum Camera Mount for iPhone

Serial Camera lets you turn your iPhone into a webcam to access advanced features during your video calls and live streaming.

The best Continuity Camera allows you to use different effects The iPhone's powerful cameras deliver impressive quality when used. Using your iPhone's powerful camera system, you can do things never before possible with a webcam, including center frame, portrait mode, studio light, or top-down view, which uses an ultra-wide-angle sensor to show what you're up to. Got it on the desk in front of your MacBook.

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