Mazatlán FC wins by introducing a TD; He broke Queretaro's good streak

Mazatlan FC Didi made his debut and got back to winning ways with a 2-0 win over Queretaro. White roosters 4 wins in a row.

Without already Ishmael Rescalvo In the bank, but with Gilberto Adam In the interim, the Gunboats They added their fourth win closure 2024This helps them a little in the problem of penalty for quotient table and also gives them some air.

Visit of Mazatlán FC Correguidora Stadium It was a little too easy as the Callos Blancos went out with 10 men very quickly as Emanuel Coularte saw red in the 13th minute.

The game started hotly and the Sinaloans attacked. His goal forward, Luis Amarilla He had it in the area in the 10th minute, first there was a cross from the right that he swung in, but then he settled down, beat it and put the ball on the post and it went out.

Then came the reckless deficit Gularde About Andres MontanoAnd whistle without hesitation Mark Ortiz He didn't even hesitate to send him to the showers early. The guys from the Pacific Pearl got into the game a little bit and came back again and again.

Received from Montano Gustavo del BreteSettles in, has a shot saved by Fernando Tapia in the 21' and a minute later the local goalkeeper grabs his first of the night. Joshua Coleman. Del Brete tries in the 33', leaves it yellow and the Paraguayan fails to send the ball aside; Mazatlán came but did not act.

It wasn't until the 42nd minute that the error occurred Queretaro Mazatlán opened the door to FC Pablo Barrera He quickly tried to concede but left it to Montano, who shot across the field and beat Tapia to make it 1-0 for Morados.

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In the second half, Querétaro tried to respond and 49', Bprofession He scored a cross from the right No one could finish, leaving the first clear in favor of the locals.

Mazatlán FC followed and Coleman scored, beating him first and Tapia lying in the 50; Another was owned by the same Paraguayan, aged 53, who abused his vehicle in the area and eventually came into contact with Amarilla. Guerrero caused another scare on 59 when Barrera headed in a cross Jordan Sierra He doesn't know how to find his way to his destination.

A second shot hit the post in Mazatlán FC's favor when Gustavo del Prede received a pass from Montano. Mazatlán came out on top, winning 2-0 in the 73rd minute. Jose Esquivel A Coleman cross and deflected Increased benefit for visitation. There weren't many goals in the fight and Mazatlán took the golden victory as a spectator.

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