Miguel Díaz-Canel is the second least approved president in Latin America, according to a survey

A poll Run by French multinational IPSOS, it appointed Miguel Díaz-Canel as its second president. Latin AmericaWith 14% support, Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro has only 4% approval.

The study, conducted by IPSOS after surveying around 297 opinion leaders from 12 Latin American countries, Placed Uruguay Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou Most approved president (74%)Chile is followed by Gabriel Boric (49%) and former Colombian President Ivan Duque (40%).

Among the worst, besides Cuba and Venezuela, is Peruvian Peter’s Castle15% approval, with Argentina’s Alberto Fernandez, 19% and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, 20%.

According to the data reflected in the survey, 78% of those surveyed disapproved of the administration Miguel Diaz-Canel headed by the Cuban government14% agreed with it and 3% had no precise opinion.

In the case of Miguel Díaz-Canel, who began his term in August 2019 with an approval rating of 15%By September 2020, the epidemic had spread steadily Covid-19 Didn’t do much damage on the island, achieving 26% approval, which suffered shortly after, as only 19% of those surveyed in July 2021 supported his administration.

Regarding the political situation in Cuba2% opinion leaders say it is full democracy, 6% flawed democracy, 7% hybrid governance, 84% dictatorial rule and 1% did not comment.

On that day Economy, Only 1% rated Cuba as very good3% said it was good, 19% said it was very bad, and 74% said it was very bad.

58% of opinion leaders who participated in the survey rated inflammation Continue to increase in Cuba1% said it would decrease, 27% would continue at the same level and 15% could not give a precise opinion.

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The study found Uruguay to be the best performing economy in the region And survey participants believed inflation would ease in the coming year. Notably, only the country ruled by Lacalle Pou and Chile were considered by the majority of those surveyed to be full democracies.

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