Mexico vs Dominican Republic LIVE: Baseball for the 2020 Olympics today (0-0) | 07/29/2021

11:12 PM3 minutes ago

Results | 3 – Low

10:08 PM7 minutes ago

3 | Baja

Julio Rodriguez scored a double on the right field.

10:08 PM7 minutes ago

3 | Baja

Melki Cabrera hit a line in the right field.

10:08 PM7 minutes ago

3 | Baja

Emilio Bonifacio flies out of the shortstop.

10:02 PM13 minutes ago

Results | 3 – High

Sebastian Elizald scored on a field for a center of play to end a third chance in the battle for Mexico.

8:55 PM20 minutes ago

3 | High

Isaac Rodriguez attacked an Eve controlled in the right field; In this play, Julio Rodriguez and Emilio Bonifacio clash, for which they receive medical treatment.

8:49 PM26 minutes ago

3 | High

Roman Solis to the singles center field.

8:49 PM26 minutes ago

3 | High

Ramiro attaches the pen, but removes it at the first foot.

8:47 PM28 minutes ago

Results | 2 – Low

Gustavo Nunes hits a ground ball and dominates the first base. Complete the second inning; The Dominican Republic does not take advantage of runners who are not out Equality is maintained against Mexico.

8:42 PM33 minutes ago

2 | Baja

Charlie Valerio flies a miscue for the second out.

8:37 PM38 minutes ago

2 | Baja

Jason Guzman dominates with a strikeout to drop the first game of the inning for the Dominican Republic.

8:32 PM43 minutes ago

2 | Baja

Eric Mejia scored a single; Jose Batista advanced to second place. The Dominican Republic still has no outs.

9:22 pm an hour ago

Results | 2 – High

Efron Navarro and Jonathan Jones are sent off in the first leg after hitting some ground balls.

9:17 a.m. an hour ago

2 | High

Daniel Espinosa goes out, and falls to Mexico first out in the inning.

9:12 PM An hour ago

Results | 1 – Low

Juan Francisco is also being fired by the strike. After full entry, Mexico and the Dominican Republic attract zero.

9:07 pm One hour ago

1 | Baja

Julio Rodriguez to singles center field.

9:02 An hour ago

1 | Baja

Melki Cabrera hit a misplaced fly that missed a second out for the Dominican Republic.

An hour ago at 8:57 p.m.

1 | Baja

Emilio Bonifacio is the first strikeout of the tournament.

An hour ago at 8:52 p.m.

Results | 1 – High

The second base was elevated by controlled Adrian Gonzalez, thus ending the first round for Mexico.

An hour ago 8:47 pm

1 | High

Joey Menezes is ejected after hitting the ground ball; Sebastian Elizold advances to second floor.

7:42 PM2 hours ago

1 | High

Sebastian Elizold walks to the first floor.

8:37 PM2 hours ago

1 | High

Isaac Rodriguez dominates the first floor after a foundation.

8:32 PM2 hours ago

Game Ball!

Angel Sanchez, of the Dominican Republic; Battle of Isaac Rodriguez of Mexico.

7:27 PM2 hours ago

This is the confirmed order of the Dominican Republic!

8:22 PM2 hours ago

Mexico’s order confirmed!

7:17 PM2 hours ago

The same mistakes cannot be made clear by the Dominican Republic

7:07 PM2 hours ago

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7:02 PM2 hours ago

Where, how to see and live Mexico vs Dominican Republic online

7:57 PM2 hours ago

How did you qualify for Tokyo 2020?

7:52 PM2 hours ago

Dominican Republic, to show its power

7:47 PM2 hours ago

Mexico, debut with success

7:42 PM3 hours ago

Team B of the Olympic Games Baseball Tournament

Teams from Mexico and the Dominican Republic are in second place in the competition, with Japan, the favorites to win local and gold medals.

7:37 PM3 hours ago

Baseball returns to the Olympics

7:32 PM3 hours ago

What will baseball look like in Tokyo 2020?

7:27 PM3 hours ago

Happy evening to all Wavell readers!

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