For the first time in 11 years, a Russian space unit has been launched by ISS


29 July 2021 15:38 GMT

The ‘Nauka’ module will replace the BIRZ module that opened from the International Space Station and crashed into the Pacific Ocean on July 26.

This Thursday, the new Russian volume-laboratory ‘Nauka’ goes to the International Space Station. Launched on July 21 from the Pykonor Cosmotrome, it is the first volume sent into space by Russia in the last 11 years. During the eight days of flight, controllers are evaluating the performance of their systems.

The site will replace the Pirs, which previously opened from the space station and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. This volume Has been in service for 20 years. With its lock, the crew carried 52 spacecraft, and it also helped acquire the Soyuz and Progress spacecraft.

Its alternative ‘nauka’ reveals its dimensions: 13 meters long, Weighs more than 20 tons and has 56 square meters of solar panels. It is expected to contribute to the development of the Russian part of the ISS, which in the future may even serve as the basis for a new independent Russian orbital site.

The ‘Nauka’ Multipurpose Laboratory module is intended for conducting scientific experiments and research. Once operational, the Russian department of the ISS will be able to have more workplaces as well Save more shipments and equipment Designed to regenerate water and oxygen.

The arrival of the new module included a second toilet for Russian astronauts, a room for a third crew member, as well European robotic arm ERA, which allows you to perform certain tasks without the need to go into space.

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Astronaut Jose Oliver Cinca believes the ‘Nauka’ module could be Russia’s first step in building a new independent space station. He points out that the country already plans to introduce several more blocks in the coming years.

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