Mexico consolidates CELAC as a race to lead Latin America against the OAS

This Thursday the President of Cuba was Miguel Diaz-Colonel and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.Alejandro Azcuy / EFE

In the first two years Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador In power, he repeatedly says: “The best foreign policy is domestic policy.” The old slogan that came with him from the time he was an eternal candidate and he started at the beginning of his government, focused strongly on national affairs. Foreign leadership was left entirely to Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrader, who came to serve as head of state at the G-20 summit two years ago. But something is starting to change. To Asylum for former Bolivian President Evo Morales The assumption was followed in 2020 as interim president Society of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). From that platform, Mexico has launched an open attack against the Organization of American States (OAS), which is sponsored by the United States, confirming that the Mexican international community needs to take a step forward.

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Lopez Obrador’s Latin American system will experience another milestone at its second summit with Mexico this weekend. The first meeting, held in July, was the setting for this An unusual accusation against the economic siege of Cuba And, above all, the order for the OAS comes after months of tensions against the uniqueness of its general secretary, Louis Almacro. Then the Mexican president asked Alternative to OAS For being “an organization without a monster” that opens the door to new regional balances in the relationship between Latin America and the United States.

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Since the beginning of the summer, the Mexican government has doubled its racing. At the end of August, “What is Mexico’s proposal?” Foreign Minister Ebrader stressed: “Let OAS say goodbye to its interlocutor, intervention and hegemony, and let us come up with another body to build in agreement with the states. Unite for the 21st Century.” Lopez O’Brien also raised his voice this Saturday in Mexico City, surrounded by jaguars and military commanders. The President of Mexico has launched a new petition to defend Cuba’s sovereignty. Calling obstacles “paradoxical strategy”, if it works, “will turn into pyrethrum and rogue success.”

Ahead of 17 regional leaders, European Council President Charles Michel and Alicia Barcena, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), are seeking to strengthen Mexico’s regional commitment this Saturday. The diplomacy of vaccines against Govt-19 and the joint program for Central America are at the center of the agenda, in line with the initial plan to adopt the interim leadership of the Mexican organism and cover specific issues of international cooperation. The thread to weave a broad consensus of political integration.

Advances in vaccine diplomacy

Vaccine management was one of the first initiatives taken by Mexico. In February, Ebard lodged a complaint with the United Nations Security Council Unequal distribution of vaccines against Govt-19. In addition, the Chancellor spoke on behalf of CELAC, expanding its spokesperson as a regional leader. After a while and take advantage Visit of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez to Mexico, The vaccines also acted as an axis of a joint diplomatic operation.

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The Mexico-Argentina agreement, within the framework of CELAC, is already in the process of producing and distributing the first vaccine produced and assembled in the region. Mexico will present a new initiative this weekend with 13 new research projects called CELAC vaccines with a portfolio covering Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Cuba. Mexico announced last week that it would add a second dose of the 300,000 dose of Astrogenogen vaccines, prevalent in Honduras and Bolivia, compiled in Mexico. He announced that the second dose would be shipped to Jamaica, Paraguay and Belize, and that the first ship would be shipped to Nicaragua in September.

The summit will focus on Central America and the migration crisis that has returned to the United States in recent weeks with the number of registrations made after crossing Mexico. Government announces presence of senior officials from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to provide One of Mexico’s biggest regional challenges is a kind of Marshall program in Central America. The official presentation of the program presented by ECLAC on the agenda of the summit and even with Donald Trump at the White House, precedes the immigration crisis of 2019.

The departure of the Republican president marked the paradoxical takeover of Mexico as a regional hero. The Norwegian-sponsored government welcomes a new round of talks between Chavismo and the opposition in the aftermath of the long-running conflict with Venezuela. UN Ahead of the next meeting of the Security Council in November, Lopez Obrador, who will also serve as interim chairman of Mexico, is considering a trip to New York in person.

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