Messi confirms: “The final will be my last game at the World Cup”

Doha, Qatar.

Sunday is the ‘Last Dance’ Lionel Messi In a World Cup, ‘La Pulca’ will complete its cycle by playing in the World Cup final Qatar 2022 And will look to win the long-awaited Gold Cup to further extend his legacy in football.

Messi confirmed after the victory that Argentina recognized Croatia (3-0) in the semi-finals, where the Argentine star scored a penalty goal and provided an assist for Julian Alvarez after a ‘marathonian’ style game.

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Leo Messi left the dressing room of the Lusail Stadium in Qatar at 2.20am, and in the mixed zone he was met by journalists from Ole newspaper who had been waiting until the end. He announced that Sunday’s final would be his last World Cup match.

The captain of the Albiceleste, who was again chosen as the MVP of the tournament, is 35 and a half years old, and he will come to the next World Cup – 2026 (there will be three countries – USA, Mexico and Canada). At 39.

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Messi said Argentina had prepared the match “well”, saying they knew “what it was going to be” because their rival “has a lot of possession, but it’s chaotic”, and noted that they were “good”. , strong” and is “really enjoying” the entire journey with his team at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

What are your feelings on the new World Cup final? Messi was asked before leaving for the Albiceleste concentration hotel.

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“Very happy to be able to achieve this. I am proud to be able to finish my World Cup career by playing my last game in the final. Everything I have experienced in this World Cup is very exciting, what people have experienced, how people in Argentina are experiencing it”, he said.

Will Sunday be the last match of the World Cup?

“Yes, of course yes. The next World Cup (2026 World Cup) is many years away and I don’t think it will give me that. And to finish like this is the best”.

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“As I say, what we all want is something else. That’s all right, but the important thing is that the team can achieve the objective, which is the most beautiful thing of all. We’ve fought a lot and are one step away, we’ll try to do what we can until now, and we’ll try to do it this time.

Messi was the first to speak after the final whistle of the match against the Croats. Argentina is one step away from the title of world champion. “The truth is, a lot of things go through our heads, we’re going to play the last game and that’s what we want. I’ve been enjoying myself for a long time,” admitted ’10’.

The man from Rosario praised the excellent game of double writer Julian Alvarez. “Julian today is above all an individual, he paved the way for us, he fought, he ran, he fought with everyone. He created, he is as important as this World Cup, he deserves it.

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“Beyond the fact that we started losing (with Saudi Arabia), we were confident that this group was going to pull through,” he continued.

“I don’t know if it’s my best World Cup, I’ve been enjoying it since we arrived. What we’ve been through since we started losing, we know what we are and what this team can give. Argentina is back in a World Cup final and we have to enjoy it. , we are going to do our best in the final and leave everything to try to win it,” he concluded.

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