López Obrador proposes to change the structure of science and technology in Mexico

The initiative seeks to replace the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACET), which has had little understanding with the government and attempts at corruption and bureaucracy.

The proposal specifies that the National Humanities, Science, Technology, and Innovation System consist of the National Council, the Department of Public Education, and other federal agencies.

The requirement is that they promote, implement or support human and scientific research activities, technological development and innovation, as well as universities and higher education institutions, among others.

It also states that public resources allocated by the federal government to promote and support activities in the humanities, technology, and innovation will be directed directly to humanities, science, technology, and innovation grantees.

At the same time, the dependencies will refrain from creating trusts, granting mandates, celebrating business, or any type of contract that evades the provisions of said law.

Reforms have also been proposed to the Federal Law on Quasi-Government Entities, the Planning Law, which repeals the Science and Technology Law and the Basic Law of the National Science and Technology Council.

In discussing the proposal, it is indicated that Conacyt created millionaire funds and, from 2001 to 2018, “in the supposed framework of promoting scientific research, technological development and innovation.”

In addition, it transferred more than 45 billion pesos to private companies, “the majority of which were large national and transnational corporations that did not need state support.”

Likewise, it is indicated that “Conacyt tolerates simulation when accreditation of professional programs, particularly from universities and institutions of higher education in the private sector, little or nothing related to humanitarian or scientific research.

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