Kignac celebrated as a senior with a half-time dedication to Miguel Herrera

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After Miguel Herrera, former Tigres coach, The cat calls the premises “old”.As an example André-Pierre Guignac For his 37 years, The Bamboro Dedicated his first goal to him 2023 ends.

And the Frenchman hit his target against 177 runs Saints Past Dental lobes Minute 83′, immediately his celebration is like an old man, pretending to hold a cane, holding his hip.

Also, that comment was not received only because of his age LouseThere was also a French fan Qatar World Cup 2022He said that Gignac should retire and that Pamboro knew that.

What did Pyojo Herrera say?

is removed by Pachuca in the quarterfinals, Miguel Herrera blamed Tigres for being an old teamGignac mentions among them.

“If you want, I can sit (Mauricio) Culebro (Tigers chairman) here and say if they’re going to fire me, not even the people can decide, if I or someone else comes in, there’s going to be a generational change. He’s won, people will, because you take a player out. , trying to revive the team, someone will be touched, if it’s not me, it will be a change, there will be a change. To walk, Gignac is not eternal”.

“I see him (Gignac), he runs and fights, but it’s not eternal, at some point they have to retire, go or give up their place to young people and the coming DD or I have to think. That, not suddenly, many are already 35, 37 , 34 (age) They are the second biggest team in the competition, we have to think about it, the team changes, we found it with the board, we did not plan on the date, today this group and those who killed themselves they have achieved successful things, we have to do with the generation that hates what they did to this generation ” were the words of Pyojo.

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