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Attorney of , Patricia Simons, to provide details on how the actress is coping with Rodrigo’s secession from Cuba after starring in the treacherous scandal on tonight’s “Magali TV: La Firm” show.

The lawyer showed evidence that the protagonist of “Ojitos Hechiceros” had tried to record a separation from the footballer before a public notary from the second week of October, before falling in love with dancer Anthony Aranda.

When previously asked by Magali Medina why Paretz did not show this evidence, the lawyer said that the model decided to remain silent because of the anxiety of her manager Jose Victor Vergara. Set family. “He decided to keep his mouth shut to protect his job.”, He pointed out.

Similarly, the former TV presenter did not receive any financial income because he is currently on proper work suspension and his contract expires in December this year.

Simmons said that if the statements of the “America Hoy” producer were taken into account, everything would indicate that the model would go without work, pointing out that Melissa Parades no longer matched the profile of the program.

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Melissa Parades has revealed the details of her breakup with footballer Rodrigo Cuba

Melissa Parades has revealed the details of her breakup with footballer Rodrigo Cuba
The actress told her truth on the show co-hosted by Melissa Parades, Janet Barboza and Ethel Boso. “The moment I pass is hard, I didn’t really expect this” were his first words.
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