Dunton to network for Carlos Villagrán to continue as Quico at age 78

Mexico.- Undoubtedly one of the most popular comedy shows in Mexico. “El Sao del 8”A Produced by Roberto Gomez Bolañosor the so-called “sespirito” from which important characters emerge.

Quigo is a favorite in historywho Played by actor Carlos VillagránIt has curiously become a trend on social networks, and today his video went viral.

About Video recorded from Hermanos Fuentes Casca Circus Where The actor continues to play his iconic charactershows that His 78 years It makes it even more majestic.

It’s given enough to talk about because the protagonist The Chao of 8 He has been the target of harsh comments about his artistic career, where they speak of his advanced age and his permanence on stage.

Netizens have said Carlos Villagran That “You have to know when to back off”Because at his age he should continue to enjoy the income of his work and not continue to give shows.

But it has generated more comments and has become a strong debate because many point out that he should do what he likes and if it makes him happy, he should continue doing it, while others differ and want him to retire quietly and without. No pressure.

Gave harsh comments Carlos didn’t say a wordAlthough his audience gives him full support, playing Quico on stage gives him joy.

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