UPNA – News – Open poster submission period for UPNA’s President’s Women, Science and Technology thesis

The President of Women, Science and Technology of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) has called for the fourth edition of the poster competition on the final projects of studies by women in the fields of science and technology. Recipient of prizes of €2,700, the application deadline ends on September 23. All information regarding this call is available for consultation on the chair’s website mentioned above.

Practical engineering class details.

The competition is open to all students of an academic institution who defended a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis during the 2021-2022 academic year and whose content belongs to the fields of science and technology. In the case of final degree projects, students who have studied at another university may also attend, as long as they are registered with UPNA during this 2022-23 academic year.

In both modalities (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), a first prize of €900 and a second prize of €450 will be awarded.

The final degree and final master’s projects must have been defended and passed on the application date. Candidates must submit a poster in pdf format, with a landscape or portrait layout, in which the most important ideas of their final project are reflected, and later, on the day the competition takes place, they will present a five-minute oral defense of the content of their poster in front of the jury.

The competition takes place during the European Night for Scholars and Scholars, which will take place on Friday 30 September in the afternoon at CIVICAN.

As stipulated in the Rules of Call, the jury will assess the quality and interest of the end-of-study project, in terms of its contribution to science and technology; Poster achievement: conciseness, clarity, and good presentation; explanations and answers to the jury’s questions; Adaptation to the time given to oral defense.

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More women in science and technology

The Women, Science and Technology Chair, established in 2019 by the UPNA and the Government of Navarre, seeks to contribute to the participation of women in science and technology, and to increase their presence in STEM degrees (the English acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), as well as encourage research in These topics and the integration of a gender perspective in them.

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