The value of the extraordinary case of dollar bills due to a manufacturing error can reach 150 thousand dollars

Archive photo of $1 bills at the American Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington. November 14, 2014. (Reuters) / Gary Cameron

The $6.4 million series has been printed and distributed twice. They make a plan to “match” the same bills in order to arouse the interest of collectors

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An error in the manufacture of banknotes in the United States resulted in a strange scheme, aimed at the interest of collectors, that could turn the value of a simple $1 piece of paper into an amount that could reach $150,000.

The story started in 2014 with a mistake. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the government agency responsible for printing dollars, made two identical copies of the $6.4 million banknote. That year, the first print edition was distributed in New York State. Two years later, someone else just like him arrived in Washington.

In 2014, the government agency responsible for printing dollars mistakenly made two identical $6.4 million bills.

In both cases it was distributed through the banking department as usual. As explained by, this situation means that 6.4 million $1 “pairs” of the same serial number are scattered worldwide. So far, only 9 of these pairs have been found. The benefit of standardizing double banknotes is that they are one dollar bills separately, but the curiosity of having both bills, legitimately manufactured and with the same serial number, opens up the possibility for collectors and numismatists to pay them high.

To this end, a plan was envisaged to unite the holders of both sides of the banknote pair. It’s called the “Zeiger-Winograd Project” and it aims to connect people with similar tickets. Once this is achieved, it attempts to connect its owners with those interested in buying or exchanging the “treasure”.

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To do this, they created a database that receives information from all those who claim to have one of the prized tickets and who wish to contact their counterparts.

What characteristics should such banknotes have? It must be issued by the Federal Reserve Board of New York, in its corresponding series for 2013. Its definition must be between serial numbers B00000001 and B00250000, or between serial numbers B03200001 and B09600000. In addition, the note must have the Federal Reserve stamp with the letter “B”. The serial number must end with an asterisk.

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