The government has suspended visas for Haitian students

The Dominican government last night decided to “indefinitely” suspend the special visa program for Haitian students in the country. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Congress and Migration Jatchel Roman through his Twitter account.

The National Migration Council last night approved a series of measures aimed at regulating the migration problem in the country, with the effectiveness of the audit of 220,000 foreigners in the National Regulation Program implemented by the previous government. Determine who is eligible.

In order to learn in detail the procedures to be followed when hiring foreigners under the Immigration Act and its provisions, a meeting was agreed with the manufacturing departments to socialize the decisions of that council.

The announcements come shortly after the Haitian government responded to a request made by President Louis Abinader this afternoon to the international community to act “urgently” on Haiti. Haitian Secretary of State Claude Joseph confirmed on Twitter that the Dominican Republic was experiencing an “increase in crime”, which the US State Department pointed out in its travel warnings.

A few minutes ago, President Abinader revealed on his Twitter account: “The international community, especially the United States (Canada), Canada, France and the European Union, must act urgently in Haiti.”

Joseph added: “Following the /StateDept’s 10/25/21 warning against rising crime in neighboring countries, I urge the Dominican and Haitian governments to work together to control the problem of insecurity on the island.”

This is not the first time President Abinader has mentioned issues affecting Haiti, and he has warned Dominican citizens not to venture into the country because of the danger they pose.

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Last week, President Abinadar suspended his visit to the United Kingdom, where he will attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) due to the seriousness of the situation in Haiti and its responsibility to ensure the stability of the Dominican people.

The foreign minister, Roberto alvarez, used social media to show that the international community was not responding properly despite warnings issued by the country about the dangerous situation in Haiti.

The reaction of the person in charge of the country’s international relations was made while quoting a commentary in the Washington Post entitled “The Haiti is getting into chaos, while the world is looking the other way”.

Migration Council
The Migration Council also agreed to hold a meeting with governors next Tuesday to guide the process on how to identify foreigners residing in their respective provinces.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesus Vasquez Martinez; Minister of Foreign Affairs Roberto Alvarez, Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Diaz Morfa, Defense; Louis Miguel de Camps, Labor and Limber Cruise, Agriculture, and Enrique Garcia, Director of Migration.

Various departments in the country have expressed concern over the violent situation in Haiti.

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The crisis is getting worse.

Haiti has been experiencing a crisis since the July 7 assassination of President Jovnell Moyes. Concerns have been raised over the abduction of 16 U.S. citizens and a Canadian by a mob.

Panic among the people.
The armed gang has caused fuel shortages in the country and is causing panic among the Haitian population, especially in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince, with indiscriminate robberies, murders and kidnappings.

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