Meeting with Gustavo Pedro with Maria Fernanda Cabal: President Gustavo Pedro meeting with Maria Fernanda Cabal | Politics

President Gustavo Pedro and Senator of the Democratic Center, MARIA FERNANDA GABAL, He held the meeting Last Wednesday afternoon at the Casa de Narino. Congresswoman’s husband Jose Felix Lafari was also present in the hour-long meeting.

The meeting took place when it was learned that one of the sons of the Congress MARIA FERNANDA GABAL He had to leave the country for security reasons. According to sources, that was the only issue resolved and the President promised to guarantee the safety of the family.

“Due to media coverage of threats to our children, We received a message from the Casa de Nariño regarding the intention of President Gustavo Pedro to listen to us and meet with us.That’s what Jose Felix and I did. He helped us with two members of the government, one as the director of the CIA and the other as the director of intelligence, where the threats that came from behind him, the prosecution. , and you are the current intensity The recommendation is to strengthen security even permanently.”Then told the senator about the meeting

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The senator has been one of the most critical voices of President Gustavo Pedro, not only since his inauguration on August 7, but also since their time as partners in the Congress of the Republic.

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