Insult and attacks on the DSE by the president increase their number, according to a UCA survey News from El Salvador

UCA University Institute of Public Opinion (IUDAP)

In their most recent pre-election measurement, they show that 46.2% of people do not have much faith in electoral power and 21.9% do not. In other words, 7 out of 10 respondents are distrustful of the DSE.

This coincides with a planned and planned campaign by the president and his fellow clerics against the court, which goes even before the president takes office on June 1, 2019.

Earlier, violent mobs and now some officials from Bukelin’s side came to harass and harass the electoral body on the grounds that the color of the Ghanaian flag on the presidential ballot was incorrect.

Most recently, another group of extremist fanatics detained company employees inside the tribunal and kept them from leaving. This is in the view of the National Civil Police who did not arrest them.

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All of this, when reporting fraud without providing any evidence. These announcements not only safeguard the integrity of the elections, but also the DSE, a leading organization in maintaining order and social peace that is known to respect the will of the people. According to Malcolm Cartagena, an expert on electoral issues, this continued contempt of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal “pays nothing for the democratic process.”

The expert added that the court “has shown that even if it is wrong, it has eliminated all electoral processes without problems after the peace agreements” and 29 elections have been managed without problems, in which Naib Bukhale led the presidency.

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Cartagena notes how the tribunal had greater credibility and confidence after the 2014 elections, which were successfully managed, despite allegations of fraud and a narrow difference between the then FMLN and Arena candidates.

“He fell short of confidence in 2015 with the advent of cross-voting, but again in 2018 and 2019 his positions improved,” he recalled. But he said, “If this kind of rhetoric attacks the company by the president, the weight of his opinion creates distrust and the deterioration of TSE’s image.

According to the electoral preferences for delegates, the iTope poll reflects the broader benefit of new ideas. 73.2% to NI in San Salvador; 6.8% for ARENA and 5.6% for FMLN. In Santa Ana, the NI stands at 68.6%; 5%, by Arena; And 3.8% for Ghana. 59.9% of people in San Miguel will vote for new ideas; 6.4% FMLN; And 6.1% SAND.

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