Meet the team behind Madison Anderson’s “dresses” in “The House of Fame 3”

“You’re too cute to sleep,” the Mexican soap opera heartthrob told him Arturo Carmona For the Puerto Rican model Madison Anderson Berrios Last January 22. It was the first week of living together “Celebrity House 3” And this Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019 have already begun to differentiate reality show of Telemundo For his elegance and good taste in decoration and adornment.

The night before the first elimination, Carmona was served, Jose “Pepe” Games And Jonathan Islands Expressing their admiration for the 28-year-old.


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“You are always beautiful and well-dressed,” the ex-husband reaffirmed Alice Villarreal. “Elegant!” said Gamez, who was able to stop the Puerto Rican. “Tell us your secret, what is it?” Islas popped the question just hours before pulling out of the tournament.

Anderson Berrios is a music producer and former reality contestant John Rivera Described as a “tall woman with a woman’s heart,” she revealed the secret to making all her “clothes” fit her so well. “Love Life”, replied. “Thank you. ‘Oh my God!’ Thank you,” he said and left shyly.

Almost three months have passed since that short meeting, which helped the participants break the ice and get to know each other. Today, of the 17 contestants, only six remain and many things have changed since the day they walked through the front door. However, the first runner up Miss Universe 2019 She stays true to her commitment to give her best gala ever, getting ready to shine after the gala.

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To meet the people responsible for getting Madison Anderson into “The House of Fame” to see a beauty pageant pinnacle, New day Diana spoke with Montero, her godmother. The CEO of Miss Latin International also announced that “there are many collaborators” who, week after week, update her goddaughter’s wardrobe.

“Inside MexicoBy Carlos Bermudez, from St. John Fashion And ‘stylist’ Jorge Figueroa sourced clothes from Mexican designers Victor & Jessie Lovers of artists Yuri, Alejandra Guzman, Gloria Trevi, Geraldine Bazan And bright star. In Puerto Rico, the same is true with SJ Moda Designers Luis Antonio, Lissa Porata, Mark Karazana, Juan Colon And Eddie Guerrero”.

In addition, Moreno mentioned the collaboration of various boutiques Ingrid your boutique categories Inside Orlando, Florida. Off VenezuelaDesigner Julio Mora He has sent clothes to Anderson Perios “This is no exception, and we are very grateful,” he added.

Days before the grand final, where the $200,000 winner will be named, expectations are high for the pageant’s nicknamed “Barbie Boricua” dress. If the Puerto Rican can make it through next Monday’s elimination gala, he will be one of the season’s 5 finalists.

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