Mediocre our Latin America in Tokyo; Are we really going to space?

Just over 1,100 Latin American athletes participate in Such in the Olympic gamess.

It has been 10 days since the competitions started, which will conclude in another week.

Latin America has been a disaster. Whoever doubts it, consult the site It has a section that promises a lot: “Live: find here every medalist from Latin America in the Olympic Games.” Americans-que-han-ganado-medalla-en-los-juegos-olimpicos-de-tokio-2020

It promises such a section, but it does not comply, but let’s be fair: the aforementioned portal is not the one that has been lacking, but the Latin American athletes and, with them, their governments, unfortunately almost all of them failed.

Until the early hours of this Saturday all the countries of Latin America, except two, have in the following legend in related to his gold medal statistic: “Waiting for the first athletes to win gold!”

No gold

Just two golds for the entire region

But Brazilians don’t feel Latin American

Waiting to win something

Terrible, very sad sports results from Latin America. Only Ecuador and Brazil have obtained gold medals. But, not to mention, if we abided by national preferences, we would only have to include one country from our region among those that have triumphed in Tokyo: Ecuador, in only Ecuador; It is a fact that most Brazilians do not feel Latin American … their disappointing elites do, but the people just do not.

  • 1st With 20 gold medals, China
  • 2nd With 17 gold medals, Japan
  • 3rd With 16 gold medals, United States
  • 4th With 10 gold medals, Russian Olympic Committee
  • 5th With 10 gold medals, Australia
  • 6th With 8 gold medals, Great Britain
  • 7th With 5 gold medals, Republic of Korea
  • 8th With 4 gold medals, Netherlands
  • 9th With 3 gold medals, France
  • 10th With 3 gold medals, Germany
  • 11th With 3 gold medals, Canada
  • 12th With 3 gold medals, New Zealand
  • 13th With 3 gold medals, Czech Republic
  • 14th With 3 gold medals, Croatia
  • 15th With 2 gold medals, Italy
  • 16th With 2 gold medals, Switzerland
  • 17th With 2 gold medals, Hungary
  • 18th With 2 gold medals, Slovenia
  • 19th With 2 gold medals, Kosovo
  • 20th With 1 gold medal, Brazil
  • 21º With 1 gold medal, Ecuador
  • 22nd With 1 gold medal, Georgia
  • 23rd With 1 gold medal, Romania
  • 24th With 1 gold medal, Chinese Taipei
  • 25th With 1 gold medal, Spain
  • 26th With 1 gold medal, Hong Kong, China
  • 27th With 1 gold medal, South Africa
  • 28th With 1 gold medal, Austria
  • 29th With 1 gold medal, Serbia
  • 30th With 1 gold medal, Norway
  • 31st With 1 gold medal, Slovakia
  • 32nd With 1 gold medal, Tunisia
  • 33rd With 1 gold medal, Turkey
  • 34th With 1 gold medal, Estonia
  • 35th With 1 gold medal, Ireland
  • 36th With 1 gold medal, Uzbekistan
  • 37th With 1 gold medal, Bermuda
  • 38th With 1 gold medal, Belarus
  • 39th With 1 gold medal, Ethiopia
  • 40th With 1 gold medal, Fiji
  • 41st With 1 gold medal, Greece
  • 42nd With 1 gold medal, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • 43rd With 1 gold medal, Latvia
  • 44th With 1 gold medal, Philippines
  • 45th With 1 gold medal, Thailand
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Not many days ago, the Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard He made in Twitter an absolutely serious announcement, which everyone considered a bad joke: the creation, promoted by Mexico and Argentina, of the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency (ALCE), to which Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Paraguay have joined, while Colombia and Peru will participate as “observers”.

In The financial, Juan Ignacio Zavala he considered the above as “something truly crazy laughter. Not even in the most absurd and ridiculous comic programs would the most idiotic scriptwriter have thought of an association, for example, with Ecuador to showcase technological potential and conquer space ”.

The most absurd thing is that, in JJ. OO.Ecuador has already won a gold medal, and Mexico is still waiting for its first win.

How are sports and space travel related? In which technology is essential in both activities. Our backwardness is scary.

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