Chinese rover Shurong faces ground problems on Mars


30 July 2021 16:56 GMT

The space probe vehicle has reached an area that presents difficulties on the ground and determining the future path through daily images taken by the rover will be the control coming from Earth.

According to the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA), the Chinese rover Jurong has reached an area covered by rocks, impact craters and dunes after exploring the other two dunes during its journey through the red planet.

Floor control completes visual positioning and route planning according to daily ground-based images taken by the rover, Reports Xinhua. This data will allow the rover to safely cross the barriers. In addition, Jurong will investigate ground radar, meteorological instrumentation and surface magnetic field detection during his voyage.

As of this July 30, the Chinese rover had been working on the surface of Mars for 75 Mars days and in orbit Has been 372 days in orbit. Both operate under normal conditions, and their subsystems also function properly.

Lander with the first Chinese rover on Mars amartizó May 15 on the Red Planet. In ancient Chinese mythology, the Chinese rover was named after the god of fire.

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated the project designers. Even NASA Joined Congratulations on his Twitter account, highlighting how the Chinese mission will help Expand understanding Of the red planet.

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