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with the sight Humans can perceive the light around them to generate The images are in your brain. This way, you have a file capacity To perform various tasks and interact with others. This ability is also present in other species, such as reptiles, insects or mammals, although it is present in them It works differently and now It is known that plants can see.

for example, snakes They have three visual pigments, through which they can see only two primary colours, when Collecting are created in the rest of the shadows Similarly, scientists have indicated that dogs see in blue and yellow, meaning that they do not see red or green.

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their specialists benefit To understand how this kidney works in plants, as they say they are living things too feed, They are born, grow and reproduce, that’s why Keep They can do that, albeit in another way, because their anatomy is different from ours.

How do plants see and interpret light?

Plants are able to recognize them light which falls on them, that is thanks to its top, that is, its tip, where they have Proteins Similar to those in human eyes. Using these components, they can carry out their own photosynthesis process, through which they will generate the nutrients they need to survive.

This is how the doctors explained it Israel Benitez Garcia and Nidia Ariza Lizard, In an article published in Ciencia y Desarrollo del National Council for Science and Technology (Kunacite).

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In the report they indicated that these organisms have 13 photoreceptors They are called phytochromes, by which the spectrum of Colors that emit light. In this way, they know whether it is day or night, and therefore, many species Tends or close the petals to Identifies hour.

Another example indicates that when a person stops in front of a flower You’ll notice that the light changes, so you won’t be able to distinguish time. This also happens when placing a large plant in front of a small plant, because the latter will try to move its stem until it finds sunlight.

Experts stated that the situation in which they find themselves will determine their development: “In addition to red phytochromes Plants can see ultraviolet light and blue light through four Photoreceptors Two are called phototropins (important for flowering) and two cryptochromes (Important for flower development).

Your sight is like a sensor

The Mexican scientists He argued that these proteins are similar to a sensor For plants, this is despite the absence of a brain that recognizes it Pictures Like people, they can perceive shapes and even colors.

They take these interpretations to turn them into chemical signals that cause a physiological reaction that allows them to grow, pay off Flowers, or thistles, alike, can tell whether it is day or night, even if there is another object nearby.

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In conclusion, the experts emphasized: “The next time you watch the sunset, remember that the plants around you will enjoy it, too.”

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