McCarthy: The state subsidizes 130 pesos per traveler who uses OMSA

For every citizen who uses the units Metropolitan Bus Services Office (OMSA) To go, have the Dominican government 130 paisa subsidy.

The announcement was made by Presidential Minister Lisandro Macarrulla after a meeting with OMSA President Radhamés González at the National Palace.

According to reports about the meeting, The The government allocates the above amount Regardless of the path users take, this is for MacArthur “Unacceptable condition”.

The document states that the investment “does not match the quality and cost of the service compared to the new corridors, and that this money could be used in more productive projects for the community.”

However, their goal is to adhere to the law and Keep OMSA as a state institutionBut “performance and transparency” guarantee economic and social stability for both users and drivers.

“OMSA is going to operate different corridors, the use of corridors is going to change, but it has to provide a quality service and the state is competing with the performance of the private brokers who run the trusts that are being created at cost.

Reducing the subsidy

He also explained that the state administration led by President Louis Abinader has achieved Less than 40 coins per passenger Of this mass transport system.

“Indicators of the current administration show the set of improvements that this government has implemented in the OMSA, reducing the subsidies under the administration of the Louis Abinadar government from 170 paise to 130 pesos per passenger in 2020 and 2021,” McCarla explained.


During the meeting between Macarrulla and González, the operational improvements made at OMSA were evaluated as part of it. Traffic and Movement Change Master Plan.

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Presidency Minister Lisandro McCarullah and Radhamés González, director of the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (OMSA), held a working group meeting aimed at assessing the progress of the process within the organization. Change of traffic and movement.

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