About Florian Thaw’s goal in Classico Regio: What they think is worth it to me

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Of Florian thaw It is clear: “I think they are worth it”The Frenchman shoots first when asked about If he tries to cross the target or shoot The afternoon of March 19, 2022, when Made a masterpiece note When Classic Royal.

And it’s a football player Tigers He opened the trunk of memories to mention that record and he is amazed that people are still talking about it He immediately settled the dispute and told the details of the origin of the note Who gave the sentence Cat wins over Riotos (2-0) In which Closing 2022.

Are they still talking about it? Time has passed, Likuilla is coming, are they still talking about it? I’m going to tell you the truth: I value what they think, to me it is a goal and it is over“, Really shoots the Europeans, who adds to it The note was taken a few days ago Of the meeting.

“You have to go back in history: they caught me every day of the week Nahuel (Guzman) and Andre (Pierre Kignok) and they said to me: ‘Florian you have to kick the target Because he’s going out a lot as a goalkeeper (Estepan Androda), “he added. தௌவின் In an interview with Bello Maldonado.

Florian Thauvin Wanted to shoot or pass?

‘S football player Tigers That was explained during the play He always intended to shoot towards the targetEven noted that he signaled that he was going to the center Riotos cheat goalkeeperFinally ‘took the bait’ and was able to give up the goal.

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The plan was to kick the target. My first ball was supposed to be a cross, but I didn’t have a chance, so I saw that I had to make a change, and I told myself it was my last ball, So I’m going to create Charlie (signature) so the goalkeeper thinks I’m going to get over it, but I was on my right, and I did it right.. How many times am I going to do it ten times? I do not know but The most important thing is that the ball entered the Classico, of which I am delighted“, He concluded.

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