Mayors and legislators meet on the occasion of the issuance of the General Science Law

On Wednesday in the Senate, deans and directors of higher education institutions met with lawmakers to share the conference’s work presentation to dictate a new science and technology law, which is being organized by the science and technology committees in both houses.

Regarding the new law, Enrique Grau, President of UNAM, said, “A comprehensive science and technology policy is required to achieve solid economic and social strategies.”

Before the President of the Senate Political Coordination Council, Ricardo Monreal Avila, and the Chairs of the Executive Committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Olga Sánchez Cordero and Sergio Carlos Gutierrez Luna, respectively, Ghraoui Wishers emphasized the readiness of the National University to cooperate in designing better public policies, thus promoting an important sector of science, technology and innovation.


On this occasion, Senator Ricardo Monreal Avila noted that the educational system as well as science, technology and innovation must guide the development of nations. In this sense, he highlighted the importance of the UNAM and IPN, as well as the various scientific groups that are essential to society.

He celebrated the work at the conference to come up with a consensual law that would benefit Mexican society, which faces challenges in terms of education, health and security, but also new challenges typical of the age of knowledge related to the use of robotics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data management and digital platforms that do not have regulations.

Similarly, legislator Olga Sanchez Cordero highlighted the need to work in existing regulatory frameworks that lay the foundations for fairness, responsibility, transparency and equality to develop reliable and safe technologies.

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He also emphasized that the technological barrier must be broken, because the changes promoted by development in this field will be decisive for the future of humanity and the relationship between nations.

Meanwhile, Representative Sergio Carlos Gutierrez Luna agreed that in addition to the appropriate regulatory framework, it is necessary to strengthen the budget for science, technology and innovation, because the progress of countries is linked to the progress of these sectors.

He celebrated the work of the conference, which will result in a legislative project of greater importance, better quality and future vision.

joint action.

Senator Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marin previously stated that a new science and technology bill initiative would be drawn up at a conference between Senators and Representatives, to produce a single, unanimous legislative product.

He said that science and technology should have a clear mission: to fight inequality. Although there are global aspirations about the conquest of space, and the use of artificial intelligence, the development of the digital world also requires attention to health, education, food and equal rights.

Representative Javier Lopez Casarin agreed with him, who reported that a comprehensive review and update of the regulatory framework will be carried out, and the work of the conference will speed up the judgment and approval of initiatives. He noted that this is the first act of its kind in the current legislature.

Promoting Better Law seeks to foster talent and innovation in the scientific and technological community that includes social welfare, regional development, employment, and a better quality of life for Mexicans. He stressed that “science, technology and innovation also build societies that are more democratic and less unequal.”

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The Director General of the International Children’s Network (IPN), Arturo Reyes Sandoval, emphasized the importance of science for the university and the state, and renewed its support for legislative action, in addition to making available its possibilities to contribute to the exercise of the reflection of the new law that contributes to the development and well-being of Mexico.

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